Customize Google News Feed

Andrew Singleton


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There are definitely the news sources you find trustworthy and want to see more often. You can do it by changing Google News settings. It will save you time scrolling down and searching for the information you need. You may customize news on your desktop as well as on a mobile platform.

Add Your Favorites Using Website

You can use Google News whenever you want. The For You section is always present on any gadget, and it learns what you prefer to see. Yet, if you still don’t see the stories or websites you are the most interested in, you can manually personalize the search, adding the sources you need. After you create the list, you will be able to see more news from your favorite websites as well as similar suggestions:

  • Enter Google News and type the source, topic, or even location you need in the search bar there. Choose the one you need from the results;
  • Now you have to tap “Follow” in the right corner of the screen;
  • That’s all. You will be able to see the stories you want and need instead of the standard set you don’t even choose in the first place. You may test it.

Favorite News on Mobile Platform

Choose the favorite news and sources on your mobile platform. It is not that hard too. Yet, it has one extra step you did not do for the desktop version. To do this, you need to open the mobile version of Google News. Use the already installed Google News app or just download it from the store. Follow the steps:

  1. Find the tab named Following and tap it. You will see it at the bottom of the screen;
  2. Choose the button with the plus sign on it and tap it. If you have an iPad, you will see the button with a plus within the section Sources;
  3. Start searching for the news you want, specific topics, locations, or sources;
  4. When you see the news you like in the results, you can tap the icon with the star close to it. Enjoy your favorite sources.

Before you open the news feed, make sure there is Google News mobile app installed on your phone. This app is available on Android and iOS. You can also use it on your tablet. The app is free of charge. Sometimes it comes pre-installed with the phone.

Browse the News

Once you add your favorite sources or topics, you receive mixed results in the feed. Those sources you choose are mixed with relevant articles or with similar sources. You can extend the sphere of your interests or find new sources you like this way. Yet, if you don’t want to see any recommendations Google News smart AI is sending you, you can limit your feed only to the news you’ve chosen. Here is how you can do it:

  • Go to the section called Following, which you see on the left side of the Google News display. If you can’t find it, tap the menu with three lines, there may be your section hidden;
  • Choose the item you want from the library. Scroll down the list of stories that are gathered by the date;
  • If you use the app on your phone, you will see the Following tab. You will find your favorites there. Tap the menu with three dots near the star. It will grant you an opportunity to make the shortcut from the home screen or share it with others.

You may also get the Google News using the RSS Reader. If you want to read the news but don’t use either website or phone app, you can create your own RSS feed. You may do it via the reader. Convert the stories you like from Google News to the feed on RSS.

Read Like a Pro

You don’t have to have extra knowledge to arrange your news feed as you want it. Search for the news you like and make sure you always receive the relevant information. Use these helpful tips to enjoy Google News even more.

Do you have a customized feed on Google News? Which categories do you prefer to read? Express your thoughts in the comments below.