Microsoft Offers Unique Gamerpics

Austin Dean


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You can now decorate your profile with exclusive Gamerpics. They are offered by Microsoft for its users. Check out a new look that brings back old nostalgic memories.

All the members of the friendly Xbox Games community are cherished by Microsoft constantly. This time they offer more benefits to the Xbox Games Showcase: Extended viewers. Yesterday the company announced new small nuggets are coming. You may even miss the outstanding retro look you can receive among all the goods. Developers from Xbox company decided to cheer their fans with the Xbox 360 classic profiles look. They are slightly improved but still provide a good old atmosphere.

It is hard to calculate the numbers of Xbox 360 owners who had this cute Gamerpic of bubble gum guy. Yet, there are too many players who missed the cuteness of classic Gamerpics. You will recognize all the designs in no time. They are now can be found on the Xbox dash.

All the pictures are iconic and well-known to Xbox fans. They reveal memories from 2005 when we first saw Xbox 360. While you could enjoy a wide range of new features that this year brought, the most popular was the possibility to finally change your picture in the profile. Players could find the free options or pay for those they want to see. Some of them were too simple, like a soccer ball, and others demonstrated different characteristics of players. Nowadays, all these classic gamers' pictures rather called nostalgic memories of when life was simpler.

Now you receive an exclusive opportunity to change your icon on the remakes. Xbox introduced new-old icons, including the boy in the beanie with the bubble gum and the panda bear in the earphones. The pictures become more colorful and advanced.

Do you want to change your gamerpic? Which one is your favorite? You can express your thoughts in the comments below.