Minecraft 1.19.10 Comes With Fixes and Changes

Tania Dzibuk


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Minecraft 1.19.10 for Bedrock Edition follows the recent Minecraft update. The update added 192 changes and corrections from test versions.

Minecraft has entered the list of the most played video games in 2022. Millions of players worldwide are eager to explore endless worlds and create, build and survive alone or with friends while staying in the world of Minecraft. To maintain its large audience, the developer Mojang constantly updates the game with new content and looks for minor errors.

Updates to the latest version affected gameplay, overall performance, the world, and the mobs. 1.19.10 update also changes one of the game's newest creatures, the Allay. This is the latest mob in the game that helps players collect items. In the new version, it starts dancing when he hears music from the Jukebox. If it stops playing or if Allay moves too far away from it, the dance animation will end. The second change is related to cloning the Allay. He will duplicate itself if you give it an Amethyst Shard during the dance. You can create a new copy of the character every 5 minutes. 

Among other changes, it is worth mentioning that the developers have expanded the '/locate' command into locate structure and locate biome, added the cause of death of the player to the death screen, and enabled The Trader Llama to have its spawn egg.

Have you tried the updated version of Minecraft yet? What corrections should be added? Please share your thoughts and impressions.