The flight simulators on the PC – the list of the best games of flight simulators

The flight simulators on the PC – the list of the best games of flight simulators

The human desire to reach the clouds were sung even in ancient Greek myths. And even today, despite the development of aviation, the flights remain an unattainable dream for many, so as to get a pilot’s license you need to spend a lot of time and effort. However, there is an easier way to conquer heaven – in the virtual space. In this article, we have gathered the best flight simulators that you can download on the PC.

Genre Flight simulator demand much less than those of the same race, strategy, shooters – Yes, in fact, any other genres. However, with a dozen great games in it are they represented in our list of the best. For convenience, the top divided into two categories – simulation, where it is not necessary to go without the normal joystick, and arcade, which is enough for a conventional gamepad or keyboard with mouse.

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5. Microsoft Flight Simulator

The legendary series of civilian flight simulators from Microsoft, featuring realistic physics and controls. Microsoft Flight Simulator allows you to fly around the globe, having experienced all the complexities and subtleties of the control of a real airplane. Thus weather conditions will be downloaded straight from the Network, so flying in the game on their city, the gamer will get the same weather you see out the window.

The level of Polish the gameplay MFS is so high that the project is even used as a training simulator in flight schools, while support modifications allow you to add different custom content.


4. X-Plane

Series Flight simulator for a more realistic simulation of flight than in Microsoft Flight Simulator. In X-Plane, technologies are used that allow to accurately simulate the behavior of aircraft units, based on the data about their geometry and mass, location and performance characteristics of the engines. So the game is not only used for entertainment but also as an auxiliary tool in the development of aircraft models.

X-Plane also supports user modifications, which allowed to collect around the project community, which regularly replenishes it with new content.


3. Digital Combat Simulator

The large-scale simulator of hostilities, as the successor and development of the Flanker series and Lock On (they would also have to pay attention). Digital Combat Simulator interesting modular system: the game consists of many parts, which contain a variety of scenarios, locations and equipment, are purchased separately and integrated into the main client. Moreover, these modules can be developed and added by third-party studios.

DCS allows you to get behind the wheel of several dozen aircraft and participate in various campaigns that are deployed in hot spots of the globe, and can also carry events in the past and even in the fictional country. As expected, Digital Combat Simulator different realistic physical flight model, and accordingly, a high threshold of entry.


2. Il-2 Sturmovik

The game quickly became a cult – all thanks to the realistic simulation of the aircraft, accurate physics, hardcore gameplay and multiplayer, which was supported by more than hundreds of players on a single server. Il-2 Sturmovik offers to participate in the battles of the Second world war, sitting at the helm of nearly a hundred planes, each of which is elaborated to details.

The development of the series continues to this day: Il-2 Sturmovik has received many additions and few extensions, and the developers constantly create new content for the game.


1. War Thunder

This online game may not be the most “simulator” in the list, but it can be considered to be the most popular. War Thunder gives you the opportunity to experience military aviation 30-50 years: bombers, attack planes, fighters and so on, while players are free to choose the complexity of the gameplay: for those who just want to shoot, provided the arcade mode, the hardcore fans also offer more difficult to master realistic and simulator modes.

However, War Thunder can also be called the most beautiful aviation among all in the collection: the game engine supports all modern graphics technology, with the result that the project demonstrates a very good picture.


5. Dogfight 1942

Airplane arcade game with aircraft of the Second world war. The game allows you to fly over the Soviet, American and French pilots chasing the Germans and Japanese in dynamic missions filled with gunfights and explosions. Any simulation here and does not smell, but implemented quite fresh gameplay, varied missions, and those “doggity”.

4. Air Conflicts

Series of arcade flight simulation on the PC, covering the periods of the First and Second world wars and the Vietnam war. The related aircraft are included: the player will be able to operate the ancient “shelves”, masterpieces of engineering of WWII, as well as aircraft and helicopters that brought death from the air of the Vietnamese guerrillas.

Air Conflicts no different detailed study of the physics and realistic behavior of the aircraft, but can boast a good pace of action and rather detailed system configuration of military equipment. So if you are looking for games similar to flight simulators, but does not require masterful skills, you should pay attention and download this project.

3. Air Brawl

Primitive multiplayer arcade game with cartoon graphics and minimum requirements to the skill. Players are invited to participate in the quick battles using different classes of planes, gadgets, and traps. Nothing special, but spend a certain number of hours – the game is able to tighten.


2. Tom Clancy’s H. A. W. X.

Dilogy the Flight simulator from Ubisoft, made by the famous writer Tom Clancy. Gamers waiting for a few dozen models of aircraft, a wide variety of missions and pretty compelling gameplay.

For some reason, the publisher withdrew the two parts of the series Tom Clancy’s H. A. W. X. from the sale, therefore legal to play will not work – will have to raise the “Jolly Roger” and download these games for free.

1. Ace Combat Assault Horizon

Ace Combat series is pretty popular on consoles, but on PC not just one part of it – Assault Horizon (and in 2018 will see the release of another game – Ace Combat: 7). Ace Combat Assault Horizon – Call of Duty hardcore: extremely action-packed missions, hot shooting, crazy flying sophisticated fighter jets between skyscrapers and a simple but fascinating story.

Assault Horizon somewhat diminished in terms of fabulousness (for example, there are no “flying fortress” and futuristic examples of aircraft from the previous parts), but players will appreciate the cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes, as well as an interesting system of customization of aircraft which allows you to paint your steel bird as you like. In General, to see with this project is definitely worth.